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Adopt an Illustration for Teen Bible Book


What would life be like if you lived in a country where only 1 in 35,000 people shared your faith? Where you were surrounded by Buddhists, atheists and Muslims?

For Lutheran teens in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia, that’s their everyday life. In fact, some of them are the only Christians in their entire families. Imagine the loneliness and isolation!

Now imagine how God’s Word for you, written in a language you could understand, would give you strength and comfort. This is a gift your youth group can send to our Southeast Asian brothers and sisters in Christ.

For just $50, your youth group can share the Gospel with other teens in Southeast Asia.

God’s Word For You is an amazing new manga-style Bible storybook written by LHF specifically for teens in Southeast Asia. From God’s creation, to Adam and Eve’s fall, to the Savior’s redemption of all mankind on the cross, God’s Word For You shares the basics of the Christian faith in easy-to-read text and bright, compelling illustrations.

The next step in completing this project is creating the 100+ illustrations that accompany each story, and LHF needs your help!

“Adopt” an illustration

Each illustration (like the ones above) costs $50 to produce. How can your youth group raise these funds that will help share the Good News in Southeast Asia?

Here are some ways other youth groups are doing it:
• Provide "Muffins for Missions" after church one morning. Be sure to publicize the project a few weeks ahead of time in your church announcements, and let church members know that the profits go to your mission project, God's Word for You.
• Offer a leaf raking or other service project to your congregation this fall. Again, proceeds go toward providing the illustration.
• Take a donation from your individual members. If your youth group has 10 members, that's only $5 per person to share the Good News with someone in Thailand, Myanmar or Vietnam.

Receive a copy of the illustration you provide.

When you adopt this LHF project, your youth group will receive a glossy, full-color copy of each illustration you provide for God’s Word For You. 

Send your mission offerings, designated to “God’s Word For You Illustration,” along with your youth group name and contact information, to: Lutheran Heritage Foundation, 51474 Romeo Plank Rd., Macomb, MI 48042. 

Questions? Email us or call (800)554-0723.
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