LCMS Missionaries:

"We need Spanish Bible storybooks!"


Why adopt LHF's Juan 3:16 mission project?

Let LCMS missionaries from Central and South America tell you the need:

"Having this book would be a great resource not only for the church to use in our Sunday school teaching and daily chapel, but it would also be a wonderful gift to give each of our families. We use books and BIble stories as gifts or prizes for memory work when they're learning their catechism and Bible verses each week. We also give away gifts like that for Christmas and different things. Sometimes for our kids, these are the only gifts they receive for Christmas, or the only gift they get for their birthday. So these things become so important in brightening their life and showing them God’s love.”
- Caitlin Worden
LCMS deaconness, Peru
"A Child's Garden of Bible Stories would be a great tool for us to use both in our Christian education classes as well as in our Bible schools and Sunday schools and vacation Bible schools that we have here. It would be such a great help for us, because Uruguay is very secularized. Kids just don’t grow up in Sunday school; they don’t grow up in church. All that they are learning [about Jesus], these kids are learning here at the school.”
- Rev. James Sharp
Missionary, Uruguay
"We absolutely would find a children's Bible storybook useful. As in the United States, we have adopted a lot of bad habits from previous generations; for example, one of the things that has gone away is the role of devotions in the home. That’s where I see something like [A Child's Garden of Bible Stories] being a great idea, because as we plant churches and bring people into the fold of the church, we obviously want them to see the church as a special place where there is God’s Word and Sacrament, but we also want to develop the home as an extension of the church. To have a resource that will allow parents to ground their children in the faith at a young age, that would be fantastic to have something like that available."
- Rev. Matthew Ruesch
Missionary, Puerto Rico
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