Transforming Kids’ Lives in Vietnam July 28, 2023

In Vietnam (where more than 85% of the people say they have no religion), a Lutheran volunteer named Mr. Ten is taking LHF books to children and teens in the highlands, Mr. Ten writes:

“Thank God for this opportunity to serve Him! I would like to say thank you to LHF for giving me this precious chance. I mainly work with children in the highlands, with geographical and physical difficulties, but the only things which remains in me is the love of God of the people there. It makes me feel moved every time I travel to give books to the tribal kids.

“When I first approached them, I was a bit worried, even though the local church invited me and asked for the books, because I didn’t know what I would say. How would it be?

“But when I got to the place and saw their innocent, desirous eyes, sitting and waiting for us, I was really emotional. I remember a little boy in Dak Long, a remote border area, when I arrived. About 100 kids were waiting in the church, and he asked me: ‘Sir, I will be in grade one next year, so will I be given a book like other kids now?’ It was a very touching and innocent question, showing the desire to have a book even though I know he cannot read yet.

“Thanks to this literature program at the local churches, I gradually am seeing the value of what I am doing, not only giving away books, but also that I have learned new lessons for myself, day by day, to help my spiritual life grow more and more. This book distribution project also shows that we care for the young generation of the local churches, when the society is immersed in technology, games, and different social evils. Our book program can help them a lot.

“Furthermore, the Sunday school teachers’ feedback is completely positive when the children always show each other the stories they have read and learned through the lessons. Children really love our books since the books are well designed and contain meaningful lessons.

“Most importantly, we sow the seed of God’s Word in their hearts. We hope that one day many children from that area will be touched by the Holy Spirit and follow Jesus as their own Savior, and their lives will be transformed.”

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