“This seminar put our spirit on fire!” July 28, 2023

Dear brethren at LHF,

It is with great joy and pleasure for me to write and express my sincere thanks and appreciation to this great and wonderful organization.

We held a wonderful three-day seminar from May 16-18 with Rev. Dr. Dinku Bato and Rev. Mark Moss [from LHF]. This seminar was like an eye opener for us to see new things that have been hidden to us in translation. This seminar put our spirit on fire to do more translation work with you. It is our prayer that you continue to send these men to us. They have been considered as our educational surgeons. We have received more from them within this short period of time [than for many years previous]. It was good that they stayed with us for a long time so that all of our translation sickness could be cured. Their short time staying with us for a long time so that all of our translation sickness could be cured. Their short time staying with us has put our spirit on fire, like lighting fire on flammable substance. It is like what the Bible says in John 2:17 “Zeal for your house will consume me.”

We will continue to remember you in Sierra Leone. We appreciate your work so much that our mouths are unable to express it. I will just continue to say thank you for your great job well done for the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sierra Leone. The church in this country was screaming, but nobody could listen. Nonetheless God made it possible for you to hear our cry and come to our aid. These three days staying with us was like a birthday celebration for the Church. We celebrate this birthday like leaves dancing in the wild wind.

Yours faithfully,

Rev. John Kangba Bundor, National Pesident
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church – Sierra Leone

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