Teacher Shaves Head to Raise Money for Missions July 23, 2021

When Trinity-St. John Lutheran School in Nashville, IL chose to adopt LHF’s “Come and See Jesus: Bible Books for Indonesia” mission project with their chapel offerings, teacher Dawn Mueller knew she had an offer the students wouldn’t be able to resist: If they could raise $2,000 to provide 400 Bible storybooks for children in Indonesia, she would get a buzzed haircut.

Excitement spread through the school like wildfire! Soon, not only had that $2,000 challenge been met, but they had exceeded their goal by over $1,000 – meaning that now LHF could print more than 600 books for Indonesian-speaking families!

Facing the clippers, Dawn didn’t flinch.

“I am very excited when A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories is published in a language that is unfamiliar to me,” she said. “I have seen the joy of children receiving their very own Bible storybook, written in the language they speak in their homes. Sometimes it is the first book of their very own. Being able to read God’s Word in the very language they speak helps children understand that God’s love and promises are for them.”

LHF’s Indonesian translation of A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories is also dear to Dawn’s heart because a decade ago, she assisted LHF in expanding the original publisher’s edition to include important lessons on the Sacraments (such as Jesus’ baptism and the first Holy Supper), the text of the 10 Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer, and others. Her son, Jacob, assisted by creating maps for the book’s appendix, which illustrate the sites of Biblical events.

Dawn’s students also connected to the project by learning more about the Indonesian people, their culture and lives through the activities provided in LHF’s “Come and See Jesus” classroom resource kit.

“The more the students learned about Indonesia, the more excited they were about giving money so the kids there could learn about Jesus,” Dawn said.

For instance, “the first and second graders practiced saying ‘Good morning’ in Indonesian. The fourth graders put on the Mouse Deer skits for the younger children. The sixth graders made batik banners, which will be entered in our county fair,” she shared. “All of the resource materials provided were great and could be implemented in a moment’s notice!”


In a different part of the Midwest, thousands of Michigan Lutheran school students also enjoyed those same activities while collecting their mission offerings for “Come and See Jesus.”

Each year, the LCMS Michigan District suggests a “Hearts for Jesus” project so that district-wide, all their schools can come together to support a single mission project. This year, they chose the Lutheran Heritage Foundation.

Despite the challenges of Covid, together the Michigan District students raised more than $35,000 to share good Lutheran books in Indonesia’s schools and churches. Soli Deo Gloria!

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