CLIHM Educator Handbook: Returning Home

Returning Home

As you check out of the guesthouse in preparation to return home, please consider the students with any extra suitcases, shirts, ties, or shoes. Often you will not have to think about these things, as the students will be knocking at your door asking if you have an extra suitcases to give away.

Check your MAF flight with CLIHM principal the evening before you leave, as their flight schedule often changes depending on the weather forecast in Yambio.

Your feedback on your traveling, teaching and living experience will help us a lot for future improvements of services and stay in Yambio. You may send your report via email to Rev. Dr. Matthew Heise, Executive Director of LHF and Revs. Drs. Dinku Bato and Robert Rahn, Program Directors of CLIHM (see their contact information in the introduction).

You also can submit receipts from expenses incurred in Yambio for reimbursement to Mr. Jeffrey Rahn, Assistant Executive Director of LHF.