VBS Program: River of Life

Water, water everywhere…and through it are lessons about God’s plan for salvation.

“River of Life” is a week-long VBS curriculum that features five favorite Bible stories: creation, Noah and the ark, the crossing of the Red Sea, Jonah and the baptism of Jesus. Teachers are encouraged to point their students to the deeper theme that unites these five stories: water and God’s plan for salvation.

In addition to its rich spiritual value, “River of Life” is recommended for its monetary value. The materials you’ll receive are all completely reproducible, meaning you can use the program again in years to come, at no extra cost.  The author also chose engaging but affordable craft ideas.  Most items can be made with supplies you already have on hand, can be donated by your church members, or can be purchased at a low cost.


While learning about water and God’s plan for salvation, this VBS takes you around the world to witness how Christ the Living Water is being proclaimed to people in lands thirsty for the Gospel. Visit the Caribbean, the Baltics, Russia, Africa and Asia in only five days!  Passports, postcards and “art”ifacts bring this worldwide travel experience to life.

To preview the “River of Life” curriculum, click here.  The preview pack includes a few pages pulled from the actual “River of Life” curriculum you’re considering purchasing. These sample pages should give you a good idea of the program’s content, including:

• planning notes
• guides and examples for your music, snack, and craft leaders
• a sample lesson plan for each of the three grade levels (lower, middle and upper)
• sample worksheets for each level
• one of the daily take-home newsletters you can send home with your students.

The full “River of Life” VBS program is available from the Lutheran Heritage Foundation for $125. Prepayment is required.  To order, simply send a note, along with your payment, to the Lutheran Heritage Foundation, 51474 Romeo Plank Rd., Macomb, MI 48042.  Or, call the LHF office at (800)554-0723 to order with a credit card.