European Projects Needing Adoption

Projects Needing Adoption

The following projects have been requested by LCMS missionaries and church leaders from around the world and have been included as part of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation’s budget for the coming years.

To see when a project is expected to be printed, refer to the listed “Projected Print” date. Due to circumstances beyond LHF’s control, certain projects may not be completed as planned by the proposed publishing dates.

For the most recent information on which projects are still available for adoption, fill out this form or call LHF at (800) 554-0723.

If the project you select has already been fully funded, your gifts will be applied to another project in that same language or to a similar title in another language. Costs listed are for printing expenses only and do not include related expenses such as translation, editing, layout, distribution or introduction.

Gifts are gratefully accepted (including full or partial funding) for the following projects that introduce new believers to Jesus:

Language Title Print Year Print Quantity Print Cost Cost/Book Sponsorship Status
ItalianHymnal2023500$6,500$13.00Awaiting funding
LatvianLutheran Study BibleAwaiting funding
LatvianRecollecting the Important Things: Essays on Lutheran Theology2023500$7,700$15.40Awaiting funding
LatvianSelected Works of Martin Luther, Vol. 32023500$5,200$10.40Sponsored - THANK YOU
LatvianTo Believe in Christ: Daily Devotions for the Whole Church Year2023500$8,300$16.60Awaiting funding
LithuanianAgenda2023100$9,000$90.00Sponsored - THANK YOU
LithuanianBook of Concord20221,000$14,300$14.30Sponsored - THANK YOU
LithuanianGrace Upon Grace: Spirituality for Today20241,000$7,300$7.30Awaiting funding
LithuanianLuther the Reformer: the Story of the Man and His Career20231,000$7,500$7.50Awaiting funding
LithuanianA Child's Garden of Bible Stories20232,000$5,000$2.50Awaiting funding
LuxembourgishA Child's Garden of Bible Stories20232,000$5,000$2.50Sponsored - THANK YOU
RussianLuther the Reformer: The Story of the Man and His CareerWEB BASED PUBLICATIONAwaiting funding
RussianLuther's Works Vol. 3: Lectures on Genesis Ch. 15-2020231,000$5,000$5.00Sponsored - THANK YOU
RussianLuther's Works Vol. 4: Lectures on Genesis Ch. 21-2520231,000$5,000$5.00Sponsored - THANK YOU
RussianLuther's Works Vol. 5: Lectures on Genesis Ch. 26-30202310,000$3,000$0.30Sponsored - THANK YOU
SlovakThe Church Under Oppression Vol. 320231,200$17,000$14.17Awaiting funding
UkrainianBest of Portals of Prayer20233,000$6,600$2.20Sponsored - THANK YOU