¡Alzad la cruz!  

Lift high the cross!  
When your students adopt the "Amigos en Cristo" project, they lift high the cross of Jesus Christ to their Spanish-speaking friends in Christ.

Imagine trying to read a Bible for the first time. What does it all mean? Luther's Small Catechism, translated into Spanish and bound with the Bible, helps explain new and sometimes difficult concepts.

The Lutheran Heritage Foundation has just completed its third printing of the Spanish Bible with Catechism. Like the first two printings these books are quickly being claimed by Lutheran churches and individuals from countries like Spain, Guatemala, Panama, and Chile, as well as from Hispanic ministries right here in the United States.

Many more are needed.


With your help, LHF will print thousands more copies of the Spanish Bible with Small Catechism.  It costs only $10 to print one Bible and catechism, so even the smallest groups can make a big impact with their mission offerings.  The Bibles will be given to churches and missionaries throughout Central and South America, and to Hispanic ministries all across the United States - all at no cost to them.

resource materials introduce your students to their "amigos en cristo"

When your day school or Sunday school adopts the "Amigos en Cristo" mission project, you will receive:

  • "Amigos en Cristo" - a 5-minute DVD for students, showing how their mission gifts will help their Spanish friends to learn more about their Savior in their own language
  •  A devotion and prayers relating to the project
  •  A packet of activities for your students, including craft ideas, games and easy recipes for foods from Central and South America
  •  More than a dozen large photos for use on bulletin boards or displays
  •  A take-home flyer for parents
  •  "How Can I Understand?" - a 15-minute DVD for teachers, featuring recipients of LHF translated books around the world
  •  Special LHF offering envelopes, if requested


Click here to send an e-mail to LHF, requesting "Amigos en Cristo" resource materials


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