“We have had many occasions to introduce the Malagasy Small Catechism.  The catechism is a book of faith, a book of prayer and the basic family book.  Thank you for giving us the catechism in its complete form.”

Rev. Prof. David Rakotonirina
Presiding Bishop/President of the Malagasy Lutheran Church

“It has been a joy to see how new believers value God’s Word and the Lutheran teaching of the Sacraments…We are happy that with the help of LHF, we are able to provide our brothers and sisters with this type of teaching, which is so important.”

Rev. Risto Soramies
Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Mission Diocese of Finland

“The books that have been published with the support of LHF are useful particularly to theology students.  We believe this investment is very precious to the spiritual future of our Church.  The Lutheran members of the IELB are heartfully thankful.

Rev. Dieter Jagnow
Lutheran University of Brazil

“Consider yourself as an instructor in a classroom where are all the textbooks are written languages only known to you, but totally unknown to the students.  Can you imagine the frustration of your students?  We were helplessly dealing with this situation when LHF came to help.”

Rev. Gregoire Legbanon
President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Benin

“We started working with LHF in 2004.  Since then, we can affirm that LHF has been continuing to do what Dr. Martin Luther started at the dawn of the Reformation.

Rev. Dr. Nelson Unwene
Former Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria 

“With the Lutheran Heritage Foundation we have now a very good and solid base for  the publishing activities which no one else does.  Like Paul says, ‘How will they know if they don’t hear?’ How will they remember if they don’t read?  We are grateful to all our friends in America who help us spread the printed Word of God.

“Good Lutheran books are essentials for the good life of any confessional Lutheran Church body.  Without the Book of Concord or Service books and Hymnals, the Church would only suffer.  But she also needs devotions, commentaries, Children Bibles, all kinds of books.  These books are like weapons for the army. You need the whole complex of them to keep the Bride of Christ safe and in peace.”

Rev. Slavik Horpynchuk
Bishop of the Ukranian Lutheran Church

“Turkish is a language spoken by 70 million people in the world, but not even 1% of them know Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.  In the Turkish speaking world there is a lot of disinformation about Christianity, which means there is a call for the right and clear information about Christians and Christianity.

LHF books are a great help for the small church proclaiming the good news and trying to teach the young Christians within our congregations.

One man explained his story: “I used to spend time with Christians for many years and yet I couldn’t be part of them.  I read Christian books, but they were incoherent and I couldn’t find answers to my questions.  I continued seeking for the answers until I received a book published by the Lutheran Heritage Foundation and Istanbul Lutheran Church.  As a journalist I find it important that the books are completed with accuracy and both the content and the outfit are clear.  I wanted to explore more about this Lutheran Church and finally I found a congregation I felt I can join in.  I went to the church, studied the Catechism and after a few months I was baptized.”

Kirsi Tira
Istanbul Lutheran Church

 “Lutheran books keep our members from false teachings and help them to understand their faith and doctrines better.  They appreciate the translated Lutheran books like the Book of Concord, Church and Ministry, Dying to Live and Good News magazine in Amharic.  The Holy Spirit is using these books to keep our Lutheran Church members from wrong doctrines and help them to stand firm in their faith.”

Dereje Tilahum
Scripture Engagement Coordinator at SIL Ethiopia

 “Because no church in the Kusaal area has books in the Kusaal language, they are attracted to reading the Small Catechism.  I have spotted market women reading the Small Catechism while selling their wares.  People who read the Small Catechism have become more active in attending church services and especially Bible studies. School children have developed interest in reading the Small Catechism at their break periods.”

Rev. Nicholas Salifu
Pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana

 “We use the Russian language materials in our evangelism efforts to help make disciples of those previously held captive in the darkness of atheistic communist ideology to the light of the Gospel, and then to teach them and others in our various training programs (pastors, deacons, teachers, youth workers, etc.) including confirmation classes and other continuing education opportunities for laity.   Such books are a great help in answering the various and diverse questions that arise among those believers, who are confused by the various denoinations and sects that have arisen in the post-communist era.”

Rev. Leif Camp
Missionary, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria (Russia)

 “During the last few years, over a hundred Somalis who read LHF-translated books have contacted us from every corner of the world, seeking answers for their faith related questions, requesting books, asking us to connect them to a church in their area, or enquiring as to where and when could they possibly be baptized in private.  To understand their new faith, Somali converts need good books on Bible-based fundamental Christian doctrines in their own language, for which LHF is currently the main provider.”

Mohamed Gurhan
Lutheran Evangelist in Somalia

 “As a Lutheran pastor in Hong Kong, I experience the limited resources in the Chinese language of the Lutheran community, particularly in the areas of the Systematic Theology and Liturgical Tools (banner design and modern worshipping liturgy).  The books printed by the LHF will be distributed through various Lutheran Churches within Hong Kong and individually distributed to Christians in the Mainland China.  They are used in personal evangelism, Sunday school and other nurturing classes.”

Rev. Kelvin Li
Pastor, Lutheran Church-Hong Kong Synod

“We need good Lutheran books in the mother tongues so that pastors and evangelists can study them, also that Christians can read and understand them who do not know European languages.  As such books are translated from German and Latin into English, we need them here in Southern Africa in the Zulu and Tswana languages.”

Rev. Dr. E.A.W. Weber Sr.
Retired Missionary, Lutheran Church in Southern Africa

 “Our people need to hear and read the pure Word of god, taught in the Law and Gospel for their salvation in Christ Jesus.  Our people need simply to be taught the gospel in their own mother tongue, which Dr. Martin Luther stated in number 62 of the 95 theses to be the true treasure of the Church. “The true treasure of the Church is the most holy Gospel and the grace of God.” Therefore, our goal is to translate the Book of Concord into Yala language, but taking it bit by bit, God helping us and providing the means through Lutheran Heritage Foundation for this purpose.”

Rev. Dr. Michael Adoga
Rector, JEM Lutheran Seminary, Nigeria

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