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2023 07 Ukraine Kids With ACG Banner

Kids’ Offerings Provide Bible Storybooks in War-Torn Ukraine

Throughout the 2022-2023 school year, the students’ mission offerings added up. Fifty cents here, a few dollars there… and soon the gifts from dozens of LCMS day schools and Sunday…

2023 07 Vietnam Banner

Transforming Kids’ Lives in Vietnam

In Vietnam (where more than 85% of the people say they have no religion), a Lutheran volunteer named Mr. Ten is taking LHF books to children and teens in the…

2023 07 Sierra Leone Banner

Teaching Translators in Sierra Leone

LHF translation work isn’t simple. Aside from knowing basic vocabulary and grammar, translators need to thoroughly understand the Lutheran meaning and teaching behind the theological terms. Even more challenging, when…

2023 07 Bundor Letter Banner

“This seminar put our spirit on fire!”

Dear brethren at LHF, It is with great joy and pleasure for me to write and express my sincere thanks and appreciation to this great and wonderful organization. We held…

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