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Hmong Language School Plants Seeds of Faith

Thousands of Hmong people who fought alongside American soldiers in Vietnam had to flee or die. Today, 300,000 Gospel-seeking Hmong live here in the U.S.

Join LHF’s Book-a-Month Club!

Remember the days of the Book-of-the-Month clubs? Today, LHF challenges you to join a new kind of book club, where YOU provide Lutheran books to new Christians.

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Rev. Richard Nuffer Named LHF Chairman of the Board of Directors

Rev. Richard Nuffer (pictured at left), retired lawyer and professor emeritus at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Ind., has been named the new chairman of the LHF Board of…

The Holy Spirit Opens Exchange Students’ Hearts

From an email received at LHF: “Good morning! Do you have materials in the following languages? If so, I would love 5 copies of each to be sent to Martin…

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