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LHF News

2023 06 Mayan Pastor Header Image

Proclaiming Jesus to the Mayans

Did you know there are still hundreds of thousands of Mayan people in Mexico and the United States? They need to hear the Word spoken in Mayan. LHF is here to help with “Jesus Never Fails.”

Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, circa May 2006: Group of people smiling for the camera in an abandoned factory. In the  industrial quarter of the city there are several former factories now used as improvised living quarters

LHF to Print New French Hymnal for Africa and Haiti

More than 97 million people in 29 countries speak French as their first language and have established Lutheran churches. What they don’t have is a common Lutheran hymnal – until now!

2023 06 Sudan War Scene Header

Lutherans in Sudan Flee Fierce Fighting

As two rival generals vie for control in Sudan, war has broken out in the capital city of Khartoum. Hundreds are dead, and church members need prayers for protection.

Project 72 Cover

LHF Begins Innovative Teaching Seminars in Africa

The church in Africa is growing quickly! So quickly, that well-trained pastors and good resources are spread too thin. That’s why LHF created Project 72.

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