Mozambique: Building up a Lutheran Church January 19, 2022

Rev. Abel Sifa (pictured above), LHF translator and a pastor in the Christian Lutheran Church of Concord in Mozambique (ICCM), reports that LHF’s Small Catechism in the Sena language is making a big impact in his part of Africa:

“We thank God for the Lutheran Heritage Foundation for being our visionary and tireless partner, chosen by God to help us here in Africa. Most of our members are receiving and using Martin Luther’s Small Catechism in the Sena language and other materials already translated, thanks to the work of LHF. Such materials are making it easier for them to understand better the Word of God and to build them up in the Christian faith.

“The ICCM currently has more than 120 congregations, made up of approximately 44,000 members,” he continued. “Lutheran members who go looking for work opportunities elsewhere immediately witness their faith and organize Bible studies and prayer groups. Several independent church leaders are seeking support from the ICCM because they see it as a church that preaches the Gospel according to the truth of the Holy Bible. There is a great need for more pastors who are well prepared to establish these new Christians in the truth of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus.”

Solid Lutheran education, such as that delivered in the catechism, make a difference. Rev. Sifa writes:

Mr. Mario Duli

Mr. Mario Duli (pictured at left) is the first leader who received the Gospel of Salvation by grace through faith in Christ Jesus in Morrumbala district, Zambezia province, in late 2017.

He was a Pentecostal pastor leading 12 churches. When he met with the future pastor of our church, Brother Marcelino Massanga, they talked a lot about the doctrine of salvation. After understanding well that man is saved by grace and not by works, for Jesus has already paid all for man’s salvation, Mr. Duli took this message to the churches he was leading, and all agreed to follow the confessional Lutheran doctrine. Thus, he, along with his family and all the Pentecostal churches he led, became confessional Lutherans.

According to recent statistics, they now count 21 churches. Mr. Duli is leading and expanding the message of Christ in that district according to God’s will. He still needs much confessional theological training, as do the other leaders who lead services in different Lutheran communities in that district.

Mr. Araujo Limpo José

Mr. Araujo Limpo José decided to become a member of our church, after two years without worshipping in the Roman Catholic Church for doctrinal reasons.

He had the opportunity to hear the Lutheran church doctrine through Mr. Marcelino, who is a lay leader of our community. They used to be comrades in the Mozambican army during the civil war. When he heard the Gospel of salvation by grace through faith in Christ Jesus, without the intermediation of saints and images, he became very interested and soon decided to join ICCM, together with his family and the community of his village.

This community is located within the small village of Lamego. At the moment the new church has 289 members! Most of them are elderly people and children. The biggest challenge is the provision of spiritual nourishment to the new members according to the Lutheran confessional doctrine.

Only with your help can this important work continue. Prayerfully consider how you can help support LHF projects.

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