Medical mercy team shares Good News in Haiti January 24, 2019

contribution by Mary Harrington, former president, LWML North Wisconsin District

Our mission to Lozandier was planned for Nov. 7-14. We were on a medical and eyeglass mission to Haiti, where we saw and treated more than 1,000 people in our 5 days of mission work. The Lord was with us every step of the way.

Our original plan was to travel to the fishing village of Lozandier, which is on the southern edge of Haiti. Due to unrest, road closures and safety issues, our mission trip to Lozandier was redirected and we traveled north and west out of Port au Prince, and to tell the truth, I have no idea where we were. These little country churches were in the middle of nowhere; our constant city to drive through was Mirabalais and once we left there, I don’t know if we went east or west. The roads were through mountain switchbacks and what an adventure!

AND those books!

We’d packed 50 French-language A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories LHF sent me and delivered them to 3 different churches. Those who received them were absolutely thrilled. I wish we could have packed in more, but with joy we shared what we had.

On the first day of mission, we arrived at the church we called the “mud hut” – little windows, so very dark inside. We brought a generator along so we were able to have some lights and fans while we worked. The children were all in their best clothes, and to receive a book was joy beyond measure. People waited outside in patches of shade as the trees provided. We left a few copies with the pastor; his smile lit up the church!

The following days, we had to walk in with our supplies, books and clothing we had brought along with us. It was about 3/4 mile (pictured at left). I don’t know who was more excited when we arrived at the church, us or the village people waiting for us! A pastor played some games with the people as they waited to be seen by us. The books were prizes. I know they are called Bible stories for children, but the adults were most thrilled when they were chosen. Two of the Haitian men who helped us each day asked for copies for their churches, and I sent six copies with each of them. They were so happy to receive them! The pastor was proud to be part of the “gifting,” I think.

Pray for the people of Haiti; there is much unrest and so much poverty. Thank you, LHF, for sharing these books with the mission team. We were all blessed by what we shared with the people and thankful that we were in mission for physical and spiritual needs.

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