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The Catechism spreads the good news

July 2017- He was always mocked because he was the shortest in his class. He felt like he was a nobody and that if there was a God, why would He care about him? So he decided to kill himself.

Nazer went for one last walk around his hometown market in Kazakhstan, where he liked to visit the fortune tellers. But for some reason, today he couldn’t see the fortune tellers. Instead, he was drawn to a woman reading a book.

As he engaged the woman in conversation, he realized that she was reading a book of great worth. It was God’s Holy Word! Having been touched by the Word, he decided that maybe he wouldn’t kill himself that day after all. And as he looked around, he now saw that all the fortune tellers had been there the whole time! Apparently the Lord had blinded him to their presence. That day, the Holy Spirit planted the seeds of faith in Nazer, and he became a believer in the Living Word, Jesus Christ.

As is often the case among those whom the Lord has rescued from the depths of despair, Nazer just had to share that message of hope with others who were as lost as he had been. After the initial contacts of evangelism, though, how best to explain the Christian faith?

Nazer has found the answer in LHF’s Kazakh translation of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, which continues to be the best explanation of our common Christian faith. Now, people from this overwhelmingly Muslim country in Central Asia can learn more about their Savior, who rescued and redeemed them, lost and condemned creatures.

Through your faithful support, LHF will soon publish A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories so that Kazakh children, as well as adults, will be able to hear the Good News in a language they can read and understand. Thank you for bringing that life-giving Word to God’s people, the Kazakhs!

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