Join LHF’s Book-a-Month Club! March 31, 2023


Remember the days of the Record or Book-of-the-Month clubs? Each month, you eagerly awaited the newest arrival “personally selected for you.”

This Lenten season, we at LHF challenge you to join a new kind of book club – one where YOU provide Lutheran books to new Christians who eagerly await them!

How? By making regular, monthly gifts to LHF through the “Book-a-Month” Club.

On average, LHF prints 20,000 books per month at a cost of about $5 per book. This April, LHF’s featured Book of the Month is the Anyuak language Child’s Garden of Bible Stories. Having just been printed, these books will now go to South Sudanese families living in refugee camps in Ethiopia or to others who have immigrated to the United States and Canada.


When you enroll in the “Book-a-Month Club,” you indicate how much you’d like to send to the LHF mission each month. As an example, $10 per month may not sound like a lot…but by the end of the year, your LHF mission gifts will have combined to place Bible storybooks and Small Catechisms in the hands of 24 waiting children of God!

Your monthly, tax-deductible donation can either be a credit card charge or an automatic withdrawal from your bank account. You may cancel your enrollment in LHF’s Book-a-Month Club at any time.

Each month, your receipt will include an update on a new book that is being printed and distributed!

To enroll as a member of the Book a Month club, either:

  1. Click here to make your first online donation. Under the “Recurring Gift” headline, simply click the box to “make this a monthly gift.” Then select which day of the month you’d like your gift to be made. That’s all there is to it! You’ll be automatically registered as a member of the club.
  2. Print a hard copy of this PDF and fill out the Book a Month enrollment form. Then mail the completed form to LHF at 51474 Romeo Plank Rd., Macomb MI 48042. Done!

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