Building Excitement for Missions

Adopting a mission project is one of the best ways to get your students, their parents and your school/congregation excited about missions! But how do you generate that enthusiasm? If your mission coordinators and teachers treat this project as though it’s a big deal, the rest of your school/congregation will follow your lead.

1. Publicize, publicize, publicize!

Be sure you send a parent flyer home with your students so parents know how their kids’ mission offerings are being spent. Put up a bulletin board in a high-traffic area. Include regular updates in your school and church bulletins, encouraging continued giving toward spreading the Gospel in your project country.

2. Keep this project in your prayers...

...including your classroom prayers, chapel devotions and even the church’s prayers. 

3. Kick things off with a party!

(Or wind things up with a party. Either way, party!) Hold a celebration complete with snacks and games from your project country, along with colorful decorations and music. Be sure to announce your mission goal in concrete terms (i.e., “We’re aiming to raise $150, enough to provide 30 children in Central or South America with their very own Bible storybooks.”)

4. Track your mission progress in a public way.

Some schools have fundraising competitions between grades or the sexes; others issue a challenge that the whole Sunday school works toward. Whatever approach you choose, keep your progress in front of your students and their families. Post the most recent numbers on your bulletin board or in your school/church announcements. Most importantly, celebrate when your goal is made!

5. Teachers, weave your project throughout your daily curriculum.

You needn’t dedicate large amounts of time. But if your students are learning to count by 5s, remind them that each of their mission books costs $5. How much do we need to raise to provide 10 books? You can make one of the craft ideas your art project for the week or read one of the recommended books at storytime. Or read your Bible story for the day from the English version of A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories.

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