LHF Endowment Fund

In 2009 the Lutheran Heritage Foundation Board of Directors established an Endowment Fund in order to provide a sustainable income stream in support of the on-going mission and ministry of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation. The underlying conservative investment portfolio is reviewed and adjusted on a quarterly basis by the LHF Finance Committee and skilled investment fund managers to ensure that targeted performance projections are being met.

Total Year End Endowment Fund Balance
Year End Endowment Fund Balance Permanently Restricted.

In 2018, in connection with LHF’s 25th Anniversary, donations were received in support of the Endowment Fund. These donations became part of the overall Endowment Fund but are permanently restricted.

Currently, 75% of prior year Realized Earnings are eligible for distribution from the Endowment on an annual basis allowing the fund to grow internally. Annually, the Executive Director presents recommendations to the Board of Directors for use of the prior year realized earnings. Since the fund's inception, $374,042 has been generated and distributed for the following projects:

Year Amount Project
2023$38,774Printing Projects
2022$32,443World Mission Center Exterior Painting, Tree Work, Printing Projects
2021$74,470World Mission Center Roof Replacement and Printing Projects
2020$50,056Printing and Distribution of Spanish Projects
2019$53,969World Mission Center Parking Lot
2018$45,680Printing for the countries and languages represented at LHF's 25th Anniversary celebration: Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Ghana, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and in Farsi and Arabic
2017$34,783LHF 25th Anniversary
2016$28,544Printing Russian "Self Study Bible" Project (combining Russian Bible Text with "Self Study Bible")
2015$15,113Printing Somali "Good News About Jesus," "A Child's Garden of Bible Stories," "Understanding Christian Faith"
2014$10,834Printing Tok Pisin "Small Catechism" and "Statement of Faith" for Papua New Guinea
2013$9,494Printing Russian "Book of Concord"
2012$9,000Printing Yala "Large Catechism" and Latvian "Grace Upon Grace"
2011$9,600Printing of Bahasa "Small Catechism"
2010$12,000Printing of Zulu "Dogmatics Volume 3" and Amharic "Dying to Live"
2009$20,500Assorted Publishing Projects