A Glimpse into Asian Lutheran missions January 25, 2021

It’s been a privilege to see firsthand in my travels throughout Asia both the great NEED for Lutheran materials, the great DESIRE for Lutheran materials, and the great IMPACT of Lutheran materials.

It is staggeringly sad to see what passes for theology in many parts of Asia, even among those who consider themselves Lutheran. All too often, people are simply identifying with the concept or historicity of the Reformation, and don’t yet have a real grasp of the meaning of the Reformation, or of what Luther and the other Reformers were trying to accomplish: returning the true Gospel of forgiveness of sins, peace, and life in Jesus Christ, to the people of God.

This all changes when folks actually start reading Lutheran materials for themselves: when they read through the Small Catechism, when they open the Book of Concord and begin studying, when they hear the Scriptures presented through a true Lutheran lens, which focuses them on how it all speaks of and proclaims Christ Jesus, crucified and risen for their salvation.

Once people begin being exposed to Lutheran materials, they invariably develop a great hunger for more. Suddenly, after digesting the Small Catechism, they want the Augustana [Augsburg Confession]. Then they want the entire Book of Concord!

Living and working out here in Asia, I’ve seen firsthand the impact that Lutheran materials can have, and I know for a fact that we will not always be able to have live missionaries on the ground in every place they’re needed. Having Lutheran materials, printed and in hands, means that Christ is being proclaimed even after our American missionaries have to depart, either temporarily or for the foreseeable future. And if/when the missionaries get to return, it means they have materials to build upon, to explain, and to spread farther.

We are so thankful out here in Asia to have the partnership and collaboration of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation, and for the work being done by LHF to provide these materials, in a quality format, and to get them into the hands (and ears!) of people who need them desperately. LHF is always a joy to work with, and we appreciate very much the hard work you all put into these critical efforts.

– Rev. Charles Ferry
LCMS International Mission, Asia Regional Director

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