Telling the Next Generation

In the Buddhist stronghold of Southeast Asia, introducing the Christian faith is a difficult task.

Converts risk rejection from their families or, in some countries like Vietnam, intense persecution, even death.

The Lutheran Heritage Foundation began work in Southeast Asia in Thailand, about a decade ago. Until then, there was no Lutheran church body in that country. LHF translators found that typically, younger people were the most open to learning more about Christianity.

As a result, in countries like Thailand and Cambodia, the Lutheran church today is made primarily of young people who are now beginning their own families. They are eager to pass on their faith in Christ to their children, but obstacles still exist.

There are no Lutheran children’s books in their own languages.

No Lutheran Bible storybooks for children have been translated and published in Southeast Asia. Even if there were, a child’s book would be an unaffordable luxury for many families.

LHF is helping to change this situation by translating and publishing A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories into Thai, Khmer (spoken in Cambodia) Lao, Vietnamese, Burmese, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia. The books are given free of charge to the families and churches that need them.

Amazingly, it costs less than $5 per copy to publish a hardcover version of A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories in Southeast Asia. Just imagine what your mission offerings of $50, $200, or even $1,000 could accomplish for these new Lutheran families!