Set Free by Jesus!

Slave [noun]: a person who is forced to work for and obey another and is considered to be their property

People can be slaves in more ways than one.

It's hard to imagine the excitement and anticipation as former slaves reached the shores of Liberia and Sierra Leone, where they would be free to own property and live life as they pleased!

Little did these founders know that one day, their descendants would still be living in the chains of a different kind of slavery - not slaves to other human beings, but to false gods, sin and the devil.

They don't know that the love of Jesus Christ offers them the best kind of freedom.

Adopt a mission project that clearly proclaims the Gospel to those who have not heard!

Through your students' gifts, the Holy Spirit can break these bonds of sin!

When students adopt "Set Free by Jesus: Bible Storybooks for West Africa" with their mission offerings, they will provide kids in countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone with their very own Small Catechisms and Bible storybooks.

And a book of their own is an unknown luxury to many of these children, whose families are often subsistence farmers living on just a few dollars per week. Your students' gifts to them are life-changing.

In the Bible books' colorful pages, children will learn - in languages thety can read and understand! - that Jesus died to set them free and gives them everlasting life with Him in heaven.

Your students can introduce other children to Jesus - for only $5!

As with most LHF books, it costs only $5 to provide a beautiful, hardcover Bible storybook in languages like Kpelle, Bassa or Kono.

"Set Free by Jesus" is truly a Gospel-sharing mission project! Every $5 your students give places a book about Jesus into the hands of a child living in West Africa. Even the smallest of Sunday schools can make a life-changing impact on children living on the other side of the world!