Mon Ami, Jésus

From Canada to Madagascar, from Burkina Faso to Haiti, French-speaking children are waiting to meet the Savior.

In nearly a quarter of the world’s countries, French is the official language or is widely spoken by the people. The opportunities to share God’s Word, introducing French-speaking families to their Savior, are many!

In some West African countries like Benin and Burkina Faso, the people continue to practice the animist traditions of their ancestors, worshipping the spirits of nature. In Haiti, voodoo remains a strong influence, while the great cathedrals in France stand nearly empty.

You can help!

Into this spiritual darkness, your students can help the Gospel light shine!

For many new and sometimes under-educated Christians, the Bible with its hundreds of pages can seem overwhelming. Books like the catechism or Bible storybooks make the Bible easier to understand.

Share the Good News all around the world.

Amazingly, it costs only $5 per copy to publish Luther’s Small Catechism or A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories into the French language.

When you adopt the “Mon Ami, Jésus” mission project, LHF will give the books, free of charge, to the people and churches that need them. For many families, this will be the only book they own.

Imagine how many lives will be touched with the Good News of Jesus Christ through your chapel offerings of $50, $250 or even $500!

How does your gift make a difference?

When you or your students adopt the “Mon Ami, Jésus” mission project, just $5 provides a French edition of Luther’s Small Catechism or A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories. We know that economic and political problems can force missionaries to come and go in a mission field. But the books they leave behind teach about Jesus, Savior of the world, for generations to come!