Juan 3:16

Your students can tell of God's love to Spanish-speaking children in North, South and Central America!

When you adopt LHF’s Juan 3:16 mission project, your students’ mission offerings will help translate and publish Bible storybooks like A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories into the Spanish language. Working with our Lutheran church partners and missionaries (see below), LHF gives these beautiful full-color Bible books, free of charge, to the churches and families who need them.

Just $5 gives a Bible book to a child wanting to know more about Jesus.

Every $5 your students collect for Juan 3:16 provides a Spanish copy of A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories for a child living in places like the Dominican Republic, Peru and Mexico. In its pages, our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters will learn how God created the world and how man fell into sin. They will read of God’s promise of a Savior to Adam and Eve – a promise that is for them, too.

LHF’s goal for an initial printing is 10,000 copies. How can your students help?

Adopt Juan 3:16 and send a child a Bible!

Why Adopt LHF's Juan 3:16 Project?