How Can I Understand?

For children, the Bible's hundreds of pages can seem overwhelming.

They need books, written on their level, to introduce them to the love of Jesus. We know that the Holy Spirit comes to us in His written Word – but what about the world’s children?

For a new or struggling reader, the Bible’s hundreds of pages can be incomprehensible. How can a child understand?

The obvious answer: Bible storybooks and Luther’s Small Catechism, written in a language the child can read and understand.

For young children, brightly illustrated, easy-to-read Bible storybooks can tell them in a simple way about the Savior Jesus and His love for them. For teens who are old enough to start reading the Bible for themselves, Luther’s Small Catechism answers the question first posed centuries ago by the Ethiopian eunuch: “What does this mean?”

In today's Ethiopia, millions of Lutheran children don't have a single Bible storybook.

Did you know that there are more than 9 million Lutherans in Ethiopia, a country in northeast Africa?

Ethiopian Lutherans are very mission-minded and enthusiastically introduce their friends to Jesus Christ. Mekane Yesus, one Lutheran church body in Ethiopia, has grown by 3.5 million members in the past five years, to a total of 9.1 million members in 2019 (nearly four times the size of the LCMS)!

There are hundreds of Lutheran schools and Sunday schools packed with eager young students, but teachers face a dilemma: they have no Bible storybooks from which to teach. From week to week, they must make do with teaching the lessons to the children orally.

Your students can help change that - for just $5 per child!

The Lutheran Heritage Foundation (LHF) is an LCMS recognized service organization with the mission of translating and publishing our good Lutheran books for people around the world.

For every $5 your students can send to LHF, the organization can print a Bible storybook or Small Catechism in the languages of Ethiopia, such as Amharic, Oromo, Kambaata, Hadiyya, and many more!

Thousands are waiting…how can your Sunday school, VBS or Lutheran school help?