Lighting the way for India's Unbaptized Believers

For new believers in India, cultural barriers mean that converts might go months or even years before being baptized. To encourage their faith, LHF has reprinted the Small Catechism in the Malayalam language.

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LHF Dollar-for-Dollar Match

A fantastic opportunity to DOUBLE the impact of your mission giving to LHF! Individuals, churches and church groups can help provide twice as many good Lutheran books for people worldwide.



Turkey's Lutherans Faithfully Persevere

With political tensions rising in the nation of Turkey, her Lutheran Church keeps trusting in Christ with the help of Spirituality of the Cross and Freedom of a Christian, translated, published and distributed with the help of LHF.

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A Child's Garden of Bible Stories published

As families in Mongolia are raised in Christ, parents are desperately searching for good Lutheran books to read to their children. LHF's Child's Garden of Bible Stories answered their prayers!

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Small Catechism published

LHF has a limited supply of Japanese Small Catechisms containing the Six Chief Parts available with more on the way from Southeast Asia. Contact LHF for your copy to share with a Japanese-speaking friend.

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Tell Someone About Jesus.

With your help, LHF gives books of the Lutheran faith to people around the world in their own languages. Click below to find an LHF project your group can adopt.
Churches Children LWMLs

Children's Mission Project:

Juan 3:16

Porque de tal manera amó Dios al mundo, que ha dado a su Hijo unigénito, para que todo aquel que en él cree no se pierda, sino que tenga vida eternal. 

Can you decipher the words of this Bible passage? If you aren't fluent in Spanish, it probably isn't easy. Now you can imagine how Spanish-speaking children living in countries like Argentina, Chile and Panama struggle to read Bible storybooks that aren't written in their language.

Click here to learn how, for just $5, your Sunday school or Lutheran day school students can provide a child in Central or South America with a Bible storybook in the Spanish language.


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